Connor Davis Class of '21

Last year I traveled from Colorado to Clemson to start my freshman year. I met some great Clemson alumni along the way. I heard their stories of how they fell in love with Clemson. I’ve learned people fall in love with Clemson because of the amazing friendships they make here. They fall in love with Clemson because the town makes everybody feel a part of the Clemson family, and they fall in love with Clemsonbecause of football. They love their tigers!

After being a student for a full year, I can guarantee you that I am finding out first hand why everyone loves Clemson so much. I want to invite you to come on my Clemson journey with me. Hopefully, by sharing even more stories from alumni and students, we will all develop a little more of a crush on Clemson.

Go Tigers!

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Bethany Wolthuis

I attended my first Clemson Football game at 3 months old. My first 10 years going to games, I was more interested in trying to learn the dances the cheerleaders were performing on the field than the watching the actual football game. My parents both graduated from Clemson in the 90’s and have always shown … Read more

Cliff Craig Class of 2004