Bethany Wolthuis

I attended my first Clemson Football game at 3 months old. My first 10 years going to games, I was more interested in trying to learn the dances the cheerleaders were performing on the field than the watching the actual football game. My parents both graduated from Clemson in the 90’s and have always shown great pride for the school. I was born in Lexington, a town right outside of Columbia, which is the home of the South Carolina gamecocks. We lived there the first 10 years of my life and then my dad took a job in the upstate area. Originally, my parents looked for houses in the cities surrounding Clemson, but ended up settling for a house right in Clemson. At first, I was pretty upset about having to move away from the life we had made in Lexington, but eventually I started to see how there truly is something in these hills. My love for Clemson originally stemmed from the excitement of college game days but the list started to grow the longer I lived in the area. Living in Clemson really helped shape my love for being outdoors. I grew up water skiing at my grandparent’s house on lake Keowee, and spending countless weekends hiking or camping in the mountains. In high school, my friends and I would play hide-and-seek across campus during the summers when all the students were gone. We thought we ran the whole town and had a blast doing it. Many people ask me “If you lived in Clemson for half of your life, don’t you want to get away? Clemson’s such a small town”. For a while, I even believed this myself. When I was applying for colleges my top choice was Appalachian State University. I was dead set on going to App State after I got a Bridge letter instead of a Clemson acceptance letter. This meant I would get all the perks of going to Clemson except I would live in apartments off campus and have to take my first year of classes at Tri-County Technical College. My parents gave me the option to go to either one. After about a week of considering it, I decided I would do the Bridge program and go to Clemson. My freshman year as a Bridge student was an awesome experience and I met some of my best friends through the program. While Clemson is a small town, it holds so much opportunity and stories that are a part of what has shaped me into who I am today. Being part of a legacy such as Clemson holds so much meaning and value that is unique compared to other universities. I am currently a sophomore at Clemson and plan to graduate in 2021. I am so thankful for the experiences I have had as both a resident of the Clemson community growing up as well as the experiences from being in college here. Shout out to Connor Davis, for creating a space for others to share their Clemson experiences. It truly is an honor to be part of such an amazing community that spans over generations. Go Tigers!