Colleen McGarity

Originally from Maryland, in high school, I fell in love with the idea of going to a Big.Southern.Football.School. My father’s coworker offered up Clemson as a suggestion; I never really heard of the school, but added it to my list. My brother, who at the time was a Sophomore at Virginia Tech, told me to come visit VaTech and then we’d drive down to Clemson and go on their tour. VaTech was fun, but it didn’t have the southern charm I had originally sought after when I embarked on my college journey. We pulled into Clemson: Gameday. After I was able to get over grown men wearing orange overalls and camouflage in the middle of the day, I was so excited to see Tillman Hall and Bowman field, the crowds of people flocking towards tailgating and the buzz around a Saturday in the fall at Clemson. I immediately knew this was the place for me.
Not knowing a soul, I went through rush, joined a very southern, but overly welcoming sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. I grew to love the endearing term “yankee”, boiled peanuts and ya’ll. But what I really learned to love through my time at Clemson was the school spirit, the timeless friendships I would make through my sorority (still in a group text every day with my ADPi Ladiez) and the lasting legacy the school would leave on me personally and professionally. It also doesn’t hurt we are amazing at football to keep that fire burning all the way out in Colorado, where I now reside.
Colorado has an amazing Alumni group and I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my time at Clemson. I am likely one of a couple Clemson friends out here betting colleagues to wear my Tiger Onesie when their team loses to us.