Michael H Hanna

I first visited the Clemson campus in the fall of my 10th grade high school year and fell in love with the campus and the energy surrounding a fall football game. My two friends and I all vowed on that date that we would attend Clemson when we graduated from High School. Through a series of miracles, we all were accepted and graduated a few years later. Those years at Clemson were the hardest years of my life but were also the greatest years as well. I got to cultivate so many friendships from folks from all over the country with different backgrounds. I would like to think that my influence helped many of them as I am certain that there influence helped shape me into the man I am today. I am still very close with many of those friends today and three of us have attended practically every football game together for the past 35 years. Clemson gave me a great education but the friendships that I developed are ultimately more valuable to me than anything. Clemson will always be a very special place to me and a place that I will call Home.

In recent years I have started a new business and have hired a majority of Clemson graduates to help our business succeed. We are a family that was Clemson trained and therefore have many similar interests, goals and principles.