Written Stories

Michael H Hanna

I first visited the Clemson campus in the fall of my 10th grade high school year and fell in love with the campus and the energy surrounding a fall football game. My two friends and I all vowed on that date that we would attend Clemson when we graduated from High School. Through a series … Read more

Bethany Wolthuis

I attended my first Clemson Football game at 3 months old. My first 10 years going to games, I was more interested in trying to learn the dances the cheerleaders were performing on the field than the watching the actual football game. My parents both graduated from Clemson in the 90’s and have always shown … Read more

Colleen McGarity

Originally from Maryland, in high school, I fell in love with the idea of going to a Big.Southern.Football.School. My father’s coworker offered up Clemson as a suggestion; I never really heard of the school, but added it to my list. My brother, who at the time was a Sophomore at Virginia Tech, told me to … Read more

Karyn Higa-Smith

It is easy to remember when I fell in Love with Clemson. It was love at first sight. I could feel the adrenaline start as I saw the paws on the road to Clemson. As soon as I set eyes on the beautiful campus I knew where I wanted to study and spend my next … Read more

Scott Wenning

In a story I’ve recounted literally thousands of times over the years, I grew up in a small town in Central Massachusetts. With a desire to spend my college years living away from home, I applied to Clemson on the recommendation of my high school guidance counselor. However, unlike my younger brother (who seven years … Read more

Greg Darley

Going to Clemson was one of the best decisions of my life! I met my best friends, my wife, and found my calling there. I got involved with FCA the very first week and stayed involved all 4 years. After moving out of the state, I continue to wear orange all the time, letting the … Read more

Terri Sottile

My Clemson story started when my alumni future husband and I started dating. He took me to my first football game and I was shocked and awed when I went into Death Valley and was flooded with everyone wearing Orange. Needless to say I fell in love immediately. I wanted our wedding to take place … Read more

Tory Watson Longshore

My Clemson story started when I was born in 1982! From the day I was born, I had orange blood. Like many other Tigers, I am a legacy Tiger. Both of my grandfathers graduated from Clemson (’41 and ’44). My dad and mom met at Clemson. My dad was on the swim team and had … Read more